The most common version of the moonshine gambling game is played in a “smoker” (also known as “roll-up” or “smoker” board) with seven reels. Each reel is marked with one of a variety of gambling icons: the jackpot (a skull, a dollar sign, basketball, racing, slot machine, or other flag), the big money (a star, eagles, dollar bill, or other icon), the high card (an eagle, jack, or pennant), the low card (a dollar bill, half-dollar, or other shape), the red one (the sign, the jack, the eagles, the blackjack, or any other shape), and the purple one (the eagle, the jack, or any other shape). There are usually also symbols denoting which card was last touched (the big money icon if that card has ever been removed from the deck).

One great thing about playing slots with the use of moonshine is that it can be used to beat on the casino's skyline. When a player reaches the payline and is told that they have lost all their money, it is often possible to beat the casino's bonus challenge by switching to the” moonshine” symbols. In fact, this can be such a useful tactic that some casinos have actually incorporated the method into their casinos for players who are looking for extra money to add to their winnings on the final table.

On the other hand, there is no real strategy for playing free spins on the Moonshine game. The random nature of the game forces a player to think on their feet and to adapt to the random results. This is why there is no set of rules or specific time periods within which to use the free-spinning methods to build up points and to increase the odds of hitting the jackpot. However, if you're looking for something to do during your free time between casino visits, this can be an excellent option, as the random number generator will often generate a varying number of jackpots from the same date.