Royal lotus

Royal Lotus is a free casino game created by the well known company Platipus Gaming. It s quite an attractive and visually appealing game with an exotic theme and it is also great fun to play because of its numerous features. On every spin there is a random number generator and the possibility to win big jackpot prizes and even a free spin round to see how much you can win. There are a total of seven hundred and seventy-seven ways through which you can win and there are no time restrictions.

The game has been created for the purpose of encouraging slot players to improve their skills by trying out as many games as possible and this game has really done that by giving them a ninety-minute real-time spin with the option of winning big jackpots on every spin. Even if you do not have the luck of winning a jackpot during your first spin with Royal Lotus, you will not be left without any money since after winning a prize there will be a second chance for you to cash in. It takes a minimum of three spins for one player to earn enough credits to qualify for a jackpot. In Royal Lotus you will need to put a number on a card and then watch the wheel to determine which card it is that will come up next. There are a total of seven cards in the deck and there are two queens who rotate around the wheel and are revealed one after the other.

Every time a player wins on this slot machine there is a small re-spin period which makes the game more exciting. The Royal Lotus Royal Slots is not a very difficult machine to beat and you will find that you can increase the chances of winning by winning on more machines. As with any other machine that features this game there is always a limit to the amount of credits that can be played. The maximum that can be earned on this slot machine is a maximum of two hundred credits. This limit will remain until you have earned twenty-four thousand credits in total.